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A Trip to Nagoya

I recently made a very nostalgic trip back to Nagoya where many past students of mine from Aichi University of Education’s Glass Program gathered for a reunion. It warmed my heart to meet with my past students and to see that so many are still actively involved in glass and art.

Masahiro Sasaki my first assistant and among my first students in Japan is now Head of the AUE Glass Program. He brings great experience in the glass arts to the position and will provide exceptional leadership to the AUE Program. I lectured at AUE before visiting and lecturing at Nagoya Arts University where Michael Scheiner heads the Glass Program. Michael has hosted an important event at NAU with Lino Tagliapietra and has built an impressive glass program worthy of international recognition. Past students of mine Koichi Matsufuj, and Hiroki Niimi both excellent artists are also teaching with Michael at NAU.

The highlights of my Nagoya trip was meeting Masahiro Sasaki’s family, his wife Shiho, and his daughters Shi and Yuu! I could also see Koichi Matsufugi’s exhibition at Aichi Prefectural Art’s Museum which was a phenomenal achievement. Meeting my past students and colleagues was as good as it gets. Otherwise, I enjoyed visiting the Osu Kannon Antique Market an old haunt. I did manage to find a fantastic old cast iron tea kettle!