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Kookmin University’s Glass Program, Seoul, Korea

Kookmin University’s Graduate Glass Program is vibrant and active. Program Head Ki-Ra Kim one of Korea’s best and brightest educators is working with some of Korea’s most talented and experienced artists to educate the next generation of Korea’s artists working with glass. Kookmin instructors include Joon Yong Kim, Hyewook Huh, Kyou Hong Lee, Hag-Ju Lee, Sunho Lee, and Jung Sun Oh.

Korean Glass is on the rise!

Former Graduate Students include Kyoung Ryoung Kim, Dong Sun Kim, Myong Ho Kim, Seon Min Park, Jung-hun Yoon, Jiin Kim, JoonHo Hwang.

Currently Graduate Students are Seung Hee Jung and, Won Hee Cho.

The following is a visual introduction to the program.

Ki-Ra Kim

K Hyewook Huh

Joon-Yong Kim


Kyou Hong Lee

Sunho Lee

Former Graduate Students at Kookmin University.

Dongsun Kim

Jiin Kim

Junghyun Yoon

Kyoungryoung Kim

Myongho Kim

Seounmin Park

Current Graduate Student at Kookmin U.

Seung Hee Jung