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A Walk to a Nearby Buddhist Temple.

Today Bette and I took a walk in the neighborhood and discovered a beautiful Buddhist Temple. I became especially interested in the lichen covered Jiso statues and the lichen covered text cut into the stone. We met a friendly farmer on the way back who gave us a huge daikon radish. A quick stop to the hardware store and back home. It is amazing what  can be seen and experienced in what one suspects is otherwise a routine or ordinary outing. The last two images are of logs sold at the hardware store that are drilled with holes, filled with mushroom spores and capped with styrofoam plugs. The mushrooms grow and push out the plugs. If you look closely at the last image you can see a mushroom has grown out of the log.












#1 Forrest Gander on 12.31.09 at 3:55 pm

A curious image-echo between some of those images of cemetery bodhisattvas– with lichens mottling the features of calm detachment– and your Molly Bloom piece with honeycomb clamoring over the human detail.

#2 Michael Rogers on 12.31.09 at 7:36 pm

I hadn’t thought of it Forrest but it’s true. The effect of time and nature’s way of asserting itself on what is made by us is of great interest to me. There is beauty in the interaction between what we as human beings make and natural processes.The effects of time and situation on an object causes me to think again about the object in another context. Everything in flux and signs of that process and it’s effects on things are like a residue, evidence left behind telling stories.

Thank you for your comment…