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In December of last year I was invited to the Toyama City Institute of Glass Art to lecture. It was really visiting old friends as TIG Director Ryoji Shibuya and Senior Instructor Jin Hongo and I go back about 15 years. TIG is a top leader of glass education in Japan and has always been very generous with exchange of glass art information. When I was teaching at Aichi University of Education and Jack Wax was teaching at Toyama there was a productive and enjoyable exchange between or schools. AUE was usually at the receiving end as we were invited to all of Toyama’s great workshops with first rate artist/instructors from all over the world. ¬†Ryoji Shibuya and Jin Hongo work with visiting instructors Robert Lewis from the USA and Lada Semecka from the Czech Republic as well as instructors Makiko Nakagami and Mami Tokizawa to provide students a diverse education in the glass arts. It is my pleasure introduce here the work of instructors Makiko Nakagami and Mami Tokizawa, Advanced Research Studies Program Students, and TIG’s 2008 Graduation Works.